ROI Data & Advanced Analytics

What can your numbers tell you?

Track the performance and efficiency of all of your interactive media placements and digital properties – from a candidate’s first impression to their final click to apply. See what’s working or change what’s not. And get full ROI data support to illuminate your entire spend.

A new level of insights.

Search engine marketing. Online banners. Social marketing. Newsletters. TalentBrew Career Sites. Our metrics analyst teams can build a complete picture of your media presence and your results from a wide range of sources. We start by defining your goals – whether it’s building awareness in a new market, measuring the quality of your applicants or hitting certain ROI targets. And we deliver actionable reporting, tailored to your needs. It’s more than just media-to-media comparisons – it’s a detailed analysis. You’ll be able to prove your ROI by seeing what specific tactics are working the best, which creative resonates most and where your applications are coming from. And we have teams of experts in every channel that continually optimize your marketing based on the metrics and results that are important to you.

Redefine what your data can do.

Our suite of tracking products gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your specific recruitment marketing efforts. From simple ad conversion metrics to cost per application (CPA) and cost per hire (CPH), we can take you deep into the numbers. Merging your data with ours can even reveal quality of hire and cost per quality hire – drilling down into the nuances of your best talent. You’ll be able to parse your media spend by time to hire, hire ratio and quality of application. And you’ll can always access our intuitive, self-service Metrics Gateway, giving you on-demand measurements of your performance – 24/7.

  • Measure multiple touch points along the candidate journey – giving you unparalleled line of sight into job seeker behavior
  • View results from different angles using custom attribution models
  • Capture candidates wherever they apply with cross‐device conversion tracking – measuring when people start on one device and end on another
  • Know if your display ads are being seen with ad viewability metrics
  • Lighten your teams’ workload and leave the number crunching and analysis to us

Measure how people interact with your brand, manage your media campaigns and understand how best to utilize social and other channels.

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